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Over the last few years Jonty has become an increasingly familiar face on the television. Having contributed to 3 series of 'Street Doctor' for BBC1, he co-presented a groundbreaking series for CBBC called 'The Smokehouse' – working with children to help their parents quit smoking. Subsequently he co-hosted 'Lifegivers', a series of live shows aimed at raising awareness about organ donation. He is currently a regular on the ITV 'This Morning' sofa, and most recently was a guest on the channel's hugely successful 'From The Heart' - encouraging more people in the UK to join the organ donor register.

Jonty has just written his first book with co-author Ed Halliwell. The Mindful Manifesto is an antidote to our overactivity. Most of us are so busy trying to keep up with our busy lives that it is easy not to notice the pressure we are putting ourselves under.  Even if we are aware of our stress we struggle to know what to do about it. And it is making us ill – not just mentally but physically as well.

In the book Jonty and Ed bring together ancient teachings on meditation with the latest scientific research to show how 'mindfulness' training can help improve our mental and physical well-being and help us lead healthier, happier lives.

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